Thu 3 November 2016 | 10:00 pm - 11:55 pm
Duplex Club - 10 HaShakh Street, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

Just a party, why? couse..
‘couse music the word, without words..
Swing, Latin, Disco, House, Funk, Hiphop, Glitch, Trap, Bass..
lots of BASS ;]
All this doesn’t matter!

The purpose is to have fun
No agenda, no fundraising.. just get in to the party and dance.

Come with costumes ‘couse it’s halloween,
don’t come with costumes ‘couse it’s Thursday,

funky poeple, beers, music, good’old concepat
– – – – – – – – – – – – –

♫ Yair Golov aka “Go-Love”
will open with electro-chill/global beats/lot of good vibrations
perfact to warm up the vibez

♫ Netta Zeevy a.k.a Veshty borshat Beats
grooves of Hiphop booty-moving and
consciouse-changing funkylicous tunes

♫ Yossi Swing
The king of swing with happy circus Electroswing abundant with deep basses, kippedy hop and happy happy joy joy

♫ Dj Doobo
will continue with electronic space grooves like only he knows, viberations all over the body and unwanted twiches like breakdance from the year 2020

Thursday 3.11
gates open at 22:30
Tickets: 30 Nis before, after and during the night.
At the roof of the Duplex club


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