Tue 10 September 2019 | 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Tahana - The Station Comlex, Tel Aviv,

A unique and international format of inspirational stories that provides a platform for inspiring people, a stage for anyone who has realized something new about life or won against all odds to share their story.
These stories, based on authentic moments of life, are a great inspiration that goes to the audience in a predetermined time of 2:22 min.

2:22 Stories Simpleasme is narrated at live events and is distributed on an international video platform open to everyone in the world. Thousands of stories can be viewed on the platform. At each event, people with stories are cast according to a predetermined theme.

This time success stories of influencers in the State of Israel:
1. Michael Lewis – a model, actor and businessman.
2. Shirley Glick – a fashionable branding brainwashing TV
3. Daniel Unger – Recycling Entrepreneur
4. Yael Lotan – Owner of Lot
5 Advertising . Yaniv Arbib – Owner of Psagot College
6. Reichel Weizman – Artist and Businesswoman
7. Shay Stoller – entrepreneur and partner of Builders
8. Anat and Uncle Rare – Intergenerational Forgiveness
9. Michal Michelle Gabay – Writer and Coach
10. Noa Gaistot – Rare Malfunction
11. Sharon Rabbi – entrepreneur and inventor of Daphne’s Brush
12. Sharon Adam – Wife of Spirit, Owner Center of Whole Man Center
13. Osnat Hefetz – Metro 66
14. Attorney Geula Salzman – Breaking the Wall
15. Dennis Bar Aaron – Founder and CEO of MAKE AWISH
16. Noga Barak – Wish Girl
18. Naama Hafetz – Breaking the Glass Ceiling
19. Rona Scler –
Dare to Recalculate Route 20. Founding Halo Sidi 2:22

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10.9 | 19:30 | Station Complex | Admission is free

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