Thu 26 October 2017 - Sat 28 October 2017 | 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Hamat Gader - Hamat Gader, Hamat Gader,


Come experience CamelBurn πŸ™‚ an unforgettable event founded on the ten principles of Burning Man. The entire event is based solely on participation, which means no tourists and no spectators. Every participant must be active and involved with the creative content (art installations, music, workshops, lectures, performances etc.) Does that speak to your soul? Talk to us about how you can be involved.

So what are we planning to create?
Relaxation area – a quiet and relaxed zone where you can rest as much as you like. Perfect for those who need quiet during the days and nights.
Integration area – a special area for theme-camps, activities and loads of fun. Here you will find also a dance area for various kinds of music and live performances during the day. This is suitable for those who want to party by day and get their beauty sleep at night.
Tranceformation area – an enormous grassy knoll dedicated partially to non-stop electronic music and partially for sleeping. The speakers will be directed away from the sleeping zone, but it’s definitely the loudest area.
Inspiration – a big tent for workshops and a beautiful adjoining space perfect for yoga/acro/quiet performances/community talks, peace and love.

What else?
Participants will have access to all this: a cold pool, a hot pool, a Gymboree for kids, a petting place, a public shade structure, toilets, showers, and drinking water.
A Community Bar – bring your own alcohol and drink as much as you like!
A Community Dinner – bring your own food or barbecue and eat as much as you like!
Like any Burning Man event, the participants create the content. So what would you like to do?
Want to create art? Perform? DJ? Instruct a workshop? Put on an acrobatic show? Let CamelBurn know and we will do our best to make even your wildest dream a reality.
Very important:
There are no food or drink stands for sale during the event! Please come prepared with the concept of radical self-reliance in mind. If you don’t know what that is, check out the Burning Man Website and read up on the Ten Principles.
Random fire pits and barbecues are forbidden. Fire barrels and barbecue stands will be available in designated areas.

What should you bring?
Identity card, a printed ticket, reusable dishes, gifting (the kind that will leave no trace), a bathing suit, warm clothes for the nights, food (plus something for the community grill), drinks (plus alcoholic drinks for the community bar) and most important – bring your own. And don’t forget lots of love and your sense of humor.

What NOT to bring?
Animals, weapons, drugs, camping burners and glass bottles (you can bring only glass bottles for the community bar. Please put your alcohol in plastic bottles).
Warning! The hot pool contains sulfur. No entrance will be granted to to pregnant women, breast-feeding women, children without adult supervision, people with cardiac problems, unhealthy people and people in an altered state. It is recommended not to stay in the water for long periods of time.

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