Sat 16 February 2019 | 3:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Alenby 99 - Alenby 99, Tel Aviv,

The Tel Aviv area is the heart and soul of the complex: The Slipers, the Tailors Made, the Allenby Hotel and the Beit Hapsanter, unite forces for a day and night event that will throw out You are a hundred years back and a few good years ahead.

Hold tight, this is the lineup:

Red Axes
Jenia Tarsol
Uriah Klapter
Ray Harel
Ido Morali
Moshe Abutbul
Dan Orbach
Lior Farkash
Middle Sky Boom
Leibo & Zarhi
Shul Leshem & Ofer Dekel
Omer tayar


And now for a moment of history –
The first building on Allenby Street that was built and completed in the sleepy winter of 1918, just after the end of the First World War, will celebrate itself in Paretti with a return to the origins and authenticity of Tel Aviv of yesteryear. The plan: to return the iconic compound a hundred years back to the distant past with a musical soundtrack that reverberates the future.


The Allenby Hotel would once again be a shady place of detention as it had been a hundred years ago in the British Mandate, so that one day and one night you would really fall in love with your jailers. You’re missing.

The Slipers will turn into a makeshift court, including defendants’ benches and a compound of journalists like in the old movies, and of course, a jury – then you’ll be fine, otherwise it will not end well.

Taylor Brown, who spent most of his life as an elite fur store, will return to his glamorous glamor for one night, perhaps including a visit by fashion icon Stephen Brown himself.

Finally, the piano house, which will turn into a good few hours for a pianos and musical instruments store that gave it its name and emphasizes what we all love – music.

This experiential trip in the depths of history that will begin in the late afternoon will be accompanied by a kicking and contemporary soundtrack of unregulated electronics:

First Up, Red Access. Yes, when celebrating the 100th anniversary of the most important building in the city, it is worthwhile to bring in this important and groundbreaking duo who carries the message around the world. The axes will send their teachings to every space, room, corridor and beyond the beloved compound with a set of lilly that combines some sharp retro nuances as befits the occasion.

To their right, to their left, above and below them –
Genia Terasol The Unquestionable Star, the irrational Uriah Klepter, the raucous Ray Harel, Ido Morley, Moshe Abutbul, Dan Orbach, Omer Tayar, Meedel Sky Boom, Lior Farkash, Leibu and Zerachy, Shul Leshem and Ofer Dekel and Maurice – The whole complex with magnets sets will make you say thank you that you were born in 1989 and not in 1889 (because then you were really old now and it’s not fun).

February 16th
15:00 God knows when
Tel Aviv of then and now meet and dance to know.

pay attention –
Entry for ages 23+

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