Fri 11 January 2019 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Mondo 2000 - Levinsky 36, Tel Aviv,

It seems like Lutos is here since ever.. and honestly, we can really say when exactly it started blooming (acorrding to the legend, the first Feldenkrais center was where, and it’s where Ben Gurion learned how to do head stand),
but there is something magical about it, and having you all here for so long is a good reason for celebration!
so without further ado, we are exited to invite you and your friends to celebrate with us, on this beautiful rooftop located right in the heart of Tel Aviv.
Friday, 13:00 sharp!
at MONDO 2000, Levinski 39, 6th floor (entrence infront of 3 simtat ha’shuk St.)
there is a parking lot in the building (“levinski market” on waze)
see you all on Friday!
namaste 🙂

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