Sat 8 December 2018 | 11:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Breakfast Club - Rothchild 6, Tel Aviv,

We have not recovered yet from the last event in the block but we have another one, albeit a little different, but definitely one more ..

We thought of raising our legs, folding our tail, getting into a coma, but we were skunks, not bears. And how we will rest when the mother’s babe, the dark-haired girl with the magic, the dirty mouth, the total assertiveness and a lot of ambition that tells you, “I want couture and if not –

Laline has a birthday, yes, yes. It’s with the black clothes, the one that has something to say to everyone, always lifting, always praising, the one that comes out of it that can burn entire forests just to pass by them.
She behaves like a 22-year-old and she celebrates at all 31. Sorry. 21.

We are good at writing and can continue a few more good lines, but let’s get to the table …

We just wanted to rest and she wanted couture ..

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