Mon 9 March 2020 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Yehuda Levi - Yehuda Levi, Tel Aviv,

And heaven and earth … well, a beloved family on the rooftop from Yehuda Halevi will later become one of Buddhalevi. And to this day, 3 years of Purim nightmares, idolatry, spiritual circles and ritual love-making
is no longer just an annual Purim party on the roof, and it’s not a cliché either – it’s far beyond,
it’s way of life, it’s inspiration and it’s beyond the thrill of
this human soul For a reason that has made us and the world better.
To a world that is all one and Purim, that even the masks are all transparent.

◓ This year we made a dream come true and the backyard plaza will open for the first time!
◒ At the foot of the roof will stand the solar sound system we all know and relax your buttocks from the tribal fantasy up there.
Line Up will be announced soon.
◑ Fully equipped eco-friendly environmental bar in no way,
◐ And a vegan food stand nourishes and strengthens the body for the rest of the dream.

On the roof, of course, the best of tradition;
⫷ ⫸ Wild, tribal and hallowed decor by the Hart Department – Wa jima
⫷ ⫸ 2 Bars- Ecological -0 One-off- 100 Multi-time – 2 Boutique Tap Beers- Drinks and Top Shelf Drinks!
⫷ ⫸ The living room couches from the temperament of the soul to be thrown, to sit down and caress.

A DJ position that looks the audience in the eye.
Will rise and will not in the following order:

★ Tai Rona


★ Yoav Sa’ar

★ Wa jima – Wandering Music


★ Tøti


to line up another counted and discussed below,
in the meantime it is important to remember that the roof is a Aksolsibi and this time we slacked off places for the sake of pleasure Intimate yet spacious,
That means you have to get your ticket before it’s over,
get excited and more if it was the first!
Can’t wait,
don’t rest for a moment and dream the moment every day,

see you on the ninth to third on the roof
in love,


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