Thu 22 March 2018 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
- , , 230 NIS

The third wave festival is coming!
The festival will happen in the 22-24.3.18, three days of amazement and powerful energies that we will create together!
♫ ♪ ✦♫ ♪ ✦♫ ♪ ✦♫ ♪ ✦
The wave is a very special festival, a festival that will have an allowing open stage, a lot of energies from different worlds, lots of content and a lots of colorful people from different backgrounds.
Our main goal is to create a positive safe space where all of us can be however we feel like, express ourselves freely and feel welcomed and loved.
In this space- we will receive inspiration ,new energies and tools to create a positive wave of change in our life. We will create the ultimate utopia within ourselves and together, one that will continue with us on our journey of life.
The wave is special, it has a bit of the midburn spirit, rainbow, trance, chill, journey, glitch bitch, and a bit from other amazing worlds. with this special combination, we create the ultimate wave!
♫ ♪ ✦♫ ♪ ✦♫ ♪ ✦♫ ♪ ✦
Among The things we’ll experience:
❋food circles! twice a day, we’ll gather in one place to eat from the delicious food that we’ll cook in the wave kitchen. (yes, like at the rainbow)
❋an opening and closing ceremonies that will allow us to connect and bring intentions to this experience
❋an enriching workshops, that will provide tools and help us grow in our journey
❋a beautiful magical space in nature, that will provide us an open space to explore, walk, meet friends and create our relaxing experience 🙂
❋music from different colors and vibrations that will give us a variety of sensations to our body and soul
❋an open active bar that works in BYOB- bring your own booze.
all of us will bring alcohol and snacks from home and place it in the bar.
Thats how we create a money free cooperative event 🙂
❋a lot of different surprises that we don’t even know! Depends on what we want to create!

The wave works with a few values:
✿Community and cooperative- we work as a community, not as a crowd-production.The wave belongs to everyone, it belongs to you.
✿Togetherness-we are here together, having a shared experience and a shared process.
✿Self expression- we’d like to create a space that will allow everyone to express themselves however they like, and feel wanted and loved.
✿Creation and doing- creating and doing things together will encourage us to create another wave of creation after the festival.
✿Giving and gifting- we encourage the giving and sharing culture, each one shares his unique presents.
✿enviormental- its an eco-friendly event, clean from disposable tools, recycled and green

❤❤❤you wanna be apart of the wave? great!
if you want to create content, have a workshop, to perform, to show your art, to heal, to create an experience or any other way of doing your doings- you are most welcome!

please contact us in “the wave festival” page with info about the content that you want to bring with you 🙂

you can send requests to do something until the 24.2!!
afterwards you can still create content, but it won’t be in the main stage. (which is also great!)

the first wave of tickets until the 24.2.18 – 210nis
second wave of tickets until the start of the event- 230nis
kids under 14 enters free

we will really appreciate if you pre-purchase a ticket, so we will have a more fun and easy time organizing the wave!:)

the wave belongs to everyone, me, you, ours. let’s create the best reality that we wish to ourselves and to the world! 🙂

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