Thu 6 April 2017 | 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Holot Detention Center - Holot, Holot,

On Thursday, April 6 (a few days before the first day of Passover, also known as “Sedar night”) we will celebrate Passover, which is the Jewish Festival of Freedom, at the “Holot” detention center.
The purpose of this event is to become familiar with the detention center and the detainees, through an eventful and interesting evening.
The event is a call to close the detention center and to release the asylum seekers. While correlating with Passover and the meaning of freedom and liberty in Israel.
The course of the event will be as followed:
Gathering at the lot outside of the detention center – 15:30.
Joint reading of an alternative “Hagadah”, in partnership with “Rabbis for Human Rights” – 16:00.
Dialogue circles and African drum circles – 16:30
Speeches – 17:30
The evening will conclude with an uplifting concert.

We would love to see you!
You are welcome to contact us on our Facebook page and spread the good word.
Happy Passover.
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