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Greetings to all Secret Tel Aviv Members,

You are invited to join the new Digital Branch of Bank Hapoalim, designed for the Millenial Generation. We focus on training you to use our digital products, with the help of our fun and intuitive tools, and helpful young staff.

Your time matters to us:

We don’t deal with cash – reducing our queues for services that you don’t use. We’ll help you make transfers, manage regular payments, deposit cheques, and get financial advice. (of course, we also have ATMs).

Our Tel Aviv branch, located on the corner of Ibn Gvirol and Nordau, is open Sunday to Thursday 9.30am to 8.30pm, and on Friday 9am to 1pm – to fit around your daily schedule.

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Where there’s no English translation, our friendly staff will guide you and teach you new words on the way. In the meantime, here’s a list of useful banking words to get you started.

Who can we help:

  • Olim Chadashim – be sure to ask for special Olim Chadashim rates!
  • All Israelis – benefit from longer opening hours and shorter queues.
  • Foreign Residents will be directed to our “Hatzafon” branch*

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* if you are a foreign resident, we have a special branch for you on Dizengoff 205 (the Bank Hapoalim “Hatzafon” Branch) – this branch operates a designated department that specializes in regulation for foreign residents. The department, located on the second floor of the branch, has staff that speak English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 

Check out our cool video:

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Where to find us?:

Poalim Digital Branch, Ibn Gvirol 161, Tel Aviv.

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Why Bank Hapoalim?

  • Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s largest bank with the largest number of branches of any bank.
  • Bank Hapoalim has the lowest fees among all the major banks, as recognized by the Bank of Israel for several consecutive years that. For more information, see Secret Tel Aviv’s separate post on banking charges
  • Bank Hapoalim is leading the way in Digital Services, and recently opened a dedicated Digital Branch with longer opening hours and shorter queues.
  • Bank Hapoalim has passionate about helping the new immigrant population by establishing branches that specialize in ‘Olim’ and foreign residents (one of which is the “Hatzafon” branch), special conferences for this population and other activities.

How To Open A New Account?

One of the first moves required of new “Olim” is the opening of a bank account. The opening of an account is necessary to receive the grant from the Ministry of Absorption and to join several services that are necessary for daily life, such as cell phone, health insurance, etc.

The documents required to open a bank account:

  • Israeli citizen who lives overseas must provide Israeli ID in addition to document from the country in which he resides, as well as present the note he received from the Border Guard upon entering Israel.
  • A foreign resident must provide a passport and another identifying document, as well as the note received when entering the country.
  • If you already received Israeli citizenship and are already living in Israel, you only need to provide your Israeli ID (Teudat Zehut).

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Good luck to all of the “Olim” and members of Secret Tel Aviv on their new path.

Ortal Cohen and Zvi Shkedi

Ortal Cohen   Tal Bank Hapoalim

Ortal Cohen (left) – Manager of the Digital Branch – Bank Hapoalim; and Zvi Shkedi – Manager of the “Hatzafon” Branch – Bank Hapoalim.

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