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Levinsky Market

Food, spices, restaurants, cafes. This market specialises in Mizrahi food, a.k.a. Iranian, Iraqi and so on. Whether you are doing...

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Cafelix in Levinsky Market

Last updated March 13th 2016 Cafelix specializes in the artisan roasting of specialty coffee. The micro-roastery can now be found in Levinsky market,...

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Black Market Summer Sale @ Mondo 2000

Black Market - it's our version of the Levinsky Market, interesting designers and character designers, fashion people who come to...

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Beer Bazar Levinsky

BeerBazaar has landed in the Jaffa Market. We have over 100 Israeli Israeli craft beer, chill vibes, delicious food, and...

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Best Markets in Tel Aviv

Last updated June 23rd 2017Israel is known as the land of plenty and the food in Tel Aviv is no...

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Mondo 2000 : The PEAK of Purim

At the end of the Purim holiday, right at the energetic peak of the summit that looms above Levinsky Market...

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Mondo 2000 x Loop Festival

The Loop Festival, which launches an exciting event on October 3 at the Galilee Boutique Hotel, arrives on the rooftop...

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No Camels

Nurturing And Tough: The Israeli Women Blazing Trails In Tel Aviv’s Culinary Scene

Last updated March 15th 2020From New York to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and back to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israeli cuisine...

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Mondo 2000 : More Than Klaiibn

So on Saturday in Mondo 2000 everyone meets for a little more than a regular Saturday, on a little more...

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NYE 2000 at Mondo 2020

A luxurious meal with unlimited drinks.

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Friday Noon w/ Keren Laser at Mondo 2000

When Friday comes, just as noon begins to flash, the market begins to rumble, overflow and flood the entire neighborhood...

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Best Tel Aviv Tours

Carry on reading if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon in Tel Aviv, a unique date...

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