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The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Part of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion served as the main exhibition for twelve years...

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Yonatan Vinitsky: The Cosmos

The installation of The Cosmos spreads over the Pavilion’s three floors, offering a model of an exhibition.

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The Rechter Center Celebrates 100 years of Architecture

As part of the 2019 Open House Festival, the Rechter Center for Architecture will celebrate 100 years of the architectural...

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Current Affairs

The exhibition offers an observation of the way in which art can capture something of the current, contemporary Zeitgeist.

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Best Art Museums and Galleries in Tel Aviv

Last updated June 17th 2019Over the last few years Tel Aviv has gone through a cultural and art revolution, with...

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Magazine » Oh So Arty

Exclusive: New works by Alona Rodeh, available only on Oh-So-Arty

Oh-So-Arty is glad to announce its arty boutique: exclusive art works by emerging and also established israeli artists, in a price range of USD100 –...

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