Welcome to Tel Aviv, one of the most gay friendly cities in the world and the gay Mecca of the Middle East! Pride Week in Tel Aviv is a colorful, joyful and crazy week, impossible to miss! There are many parties, meetups, raves all kinds of events to celebrate Pride, so get ready for a unforgettable experience!

To make your holiday even better, we made a list of all the things you can’t miss this week, from where to stay to where to party. Happy pride everyone! (Picture credit: Niv Glazman)

Where to stay during Pride Week?

Your first step is to find somewhere to sleep. We have lists for Tel Aviv’s Best Hotels (best of the best), Tel Aviv’s Best Boutique Hotels (exclusive and tasteful) and Tel Aviv’s Best Hostels (fun and affordable) so whatever it is you are looking for, we’ve got you covered! You can book hotels directly through Secret Tel Aviv’s Booking.com Platform. (That amazing pool on the left belongs to The Norman Tel Aviv)

Where are the best places to eat and drink in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is any foodies paradise, and after all the partying you will need a good and substantial meal, check out our Food and Drink Guides, we have everything from Tel Aviv’s Best Breakfast for the best after after-party, to Tel Aviv’s Best Gay Bars and Parties for the best places to grab a drink and meet some people. Click here to check out all the guides.

What to do during the week?

Apart from all the Pride Special Events (keep scrolling down), Tel Aviv is full of cool things to do! One the favorite activities in the city is going to the beach to relax, play Matkot, do some water sports or meet people, don’t miss Tel Aviv’s Gay Beach (in front of the Hilton Hotel), check out our Top Things to Do in Tel Aviv guide for more ideas!


Pride Week’s Main Events

This week is full of amazing special events! Keep scrolling down for the highlight of the week, or click here for full event listings. 

All week events

1st – 10th June – TLVFest @ The Cinematheque 

Tel Aviv’s International LBGT Film Festival is a unique annual event taking place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque showcasing lesbian, bi, gay and trans films. The festival includes best film competitions, presentations from film makers, panel discussions and lots of other cool special events. Be sure to check out their party on Friday night.

6th – 11th June – Evita Pride 2017 @ Abraham’s Hostel

The sun is smiling, The beaches are full of HOT Israelis, The spirit of Pride is whispering in your ear.. What is missing? EVITA! This upcoming PRIDE- they are BACK! Let them take you on a journey you won’t soon forget…

7th – 11th June – Shpagat Pride Week: Choose your flavor @ Shpagat

The most crazy week of the year is about to begin, and like every year you are invited for the sixth time to celebrate Shpagat throughout the week with great parties and a particularly delicious surprise: a perfect ice cream parlor, full of color and tastings that will be distributed to all those who want it.

Special Events

Friday 2nd of June – The Central Cultural Event at The National Theater @ Habima

A week before the Gay Pride Parade, all the stage stars will embark on a special fashion show in a gender reversal. In addition to the exhibition, there will be play and song pieces on which the best players are currently working. The Gay Pride Parade – The Bisexual Community!

Friday 2nd of June – TLV Fest Opening Party @ Bascula

TLV Fest opening party will be a big production with special DJs and performances!

Saturday 3rd of June – CULT Party @ Kuli Alma

Frozen drinks, gorgeous yard to open the most merry week in a year as you should. Just come open pride week with intensity!

Saturday 3rd of June – TLVFest Drag Star Search @ Cinemateque

First time as part of the gay Film Festival: Competition for the prestigious status of international drag star! Winning stars from all over the world will judge this major event and the search for the drag star will be on!

Monday 5th of June – Arts and Design Fair @ Dov Hoz Community Center

A big collaboration from the best designers, illustrators, photographers and artists from the gay community that will gather together in an outdoor art and design fair with colored and oozing talent.

Monday 5th of June – Tanzen Pride Opening @ Pasaz

A huge techno party with some of Israel’s best DJs and performers to open Pride season in the best way.

Wednesday 7th of June – Lesbians Who Tech (and friends) Pride Edition @ Wix HQ

One of the best Hi-Tech meetups in Tel aviv, Join the Lesbians Who Tech Tel Aviv Chapter for their Pride Event.

Wednesday 7th of June – Wigstock Festival 2017: A tribute to Gila Goldstein @ The Gay Center

The Aids Task Force, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Gay Center, are pleased to hold the traditional Wigstock Festival as part of the gay pride event for the third time. This year the festival will include special gestures for the first transgender in Israel, the late Gila Goldstein, who passed away about three months ago at the age of 69.

Wednesday 7th of June – Tel Aviv Pride 2017 – Andrew Christian Pool Party @ The Poli House

As the sun sets over Tel Aviv, join a party on the rooftop deck of the new Poli House Hotel. With unlimited drinks and cocktails, a swimming pool, stunning views, and hot guys from all around the world, start off your Pride Weekend the right way.

Wednesday 7th of June – Love is Love – Zoti Pride 2017 @ Lima Lima

What is Love? This year Zoti is organizing two sexy deep house parties for Pride 2017: Wednesday 7.06 at Lima Lima and Friday 9.06 at the Cat and the Dog.

Thursday 8th of June – Forever Tel Aviv Waterpark TLV 2016 @ Water Park Tel Aviv 


A day before Tel Aviv’s pride parade, Forever Tel Aviv invites you to the hottest and sexiest gay party. Get hot at Shefayim Water Park, with guys from all over the world dancing in their sexy swimwear! Top DJs will play HOT sets during the entire party!

Thursday 8th of June – PAG x Alphabet Techno Pride @ Alphabet

Join one of the biggest techno parties of the week! PAG will have a special lineup with top DJs at Alphabet.

Thursday 8th of June – The Rocky Horror Picture Show Screening @ Rav Chen Dizengoff

Special screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with a live shadow cast and an audience participation.

Thursday 8th of June – Tel A-Beef – Tel Aviv’s Pride Mega Playground @ Hangar 11

TEL A-BEEF, the Biggest men only party in Israel is back for 2017 Pride! Get ready for a unique one of a kind production due to the most selazy PLAYGROUND! Mega dance floor and stages. Many beefy shows and lots of atraction and surprises to come!

Thursday 8th of June – Papa Black Party: Forever Tel Aviv @ Haoman 17

Eliad Cohen proudly presents ¨PAPA BLACK PARTY¨ at Tel Aviv Pride 2017: The sexiest dark party with the hottest Israeli guys and live sets by DJ Aron, Suri and Tomo Woodland.

Friday 9th of June – The Main Event – The Pride Parade!

Expect over 180,000 people to attend this year’s parade, including 30,000 fresh-meat tourists from around the world! The party starts as usual at Gan Meir on King George at 10am with performances and shows, before heading out through Tel Aviv at 11am and finishing on Gordon Beach for a huge party! (this year’s route is: Tchernichovsky, Bograshov, Ben Yehuda, Arlozorov, Hayarkon and then on to Gordon Beach). Happy Pride Everyone!

Friday 9th of June – Love is Love – Zoti Pride 2017 @ The Cat and The Dog

What is Love? This year Zoti is organizing two sexy deep house parties for Pride 2017: Wednesday 7.06 at Lima Lima and Friday 9.06 at the Cat and the Dog.

Saturday 10th of June – Offer Nissim *Pride Tel Aviv* @ Ganei Hataarucha

The last two years of pride party at Bloomfield Stadium was just a sneak peek for the 2017 Pride –Tel Aviv’s Official Pride Concert for the Gay Weekend – under the open sky! Offer Nissim with a new podcast, specially for you!

Saturday 10th of June – Forever Pride 2017 Pet Shop Boys @ Park Hayarkon

A rave of love in the most spectacular open air venue in Tel Aviv, with the sensational highlight – a live performance by the world famous legendary duo PET SHOP BOYS Alongside Forever Tel Aviv’s Superstar DJs SAGI KARIV and TOMER MAIZNER.

Saturday 10th of June – Army of Lovers Live @ Kuli Alma

The iconic band from Sweden, who made history and talked about the gay community’s struggle to the front of the stage, comes to Pride Week Tel Aviv for a performance.

Saturday 10th of June – Be Proud: Woman’s Main Pride Party @ Clara

Women’s Pride main party organized by BE PROUD at one of Tel Aviv’s best summer clubs, Clara.

Looking for more ideas? 

Check out The Gay Center in Tel Aviv, a hugely important resource for the LGBT community in Tel Aviv, based in Gan Meir. The Gay Center was established in 2008 under the premise that every person regardless of age, race, or gender has the right to live freely. The Gay Center exists as a safe environment for LGBT individuals to seek resources and stay connected with the LGBT community.

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