Welcome to Tel Aviv, one of the most gay friendly cities in the world and the gay Mecca of the Middle East! Pride Week in Tel Aviv is a colorful, joyful and crazy week, impossible to miss! There are many parties, meetups, raves all kinds of events to celebrate Pride, so get ready for a unforgettable experience!

To make your holiday even better, we made a list of all the things you can’t miss this week, from where to stay to where to party. Happy pride everyone! (Picture credit: Niv Glazman – check out his Instragram)

Where to stay during Pride Week?

Your first step is to find somewhere to sleep. We have lists for Tel Aviv’s Best Hotels (best of the best), Tel Aviv’s Best Boutique Hotels (exclusive and tasteful) and Tel Aviv’s Best Hostels (fun and affordable) so whatever it is you are looking for, we’ve got you covered! You can book hotels directly through Secret Tel Aviv’s Booking.com Platform. (That amazing pool on the left belongs to The Norman Tel Aviv)

Where are the best places to eat and drink in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is any foodies paradise, and after all the partying you will need a good and substantial meal, check out our Food and Drink Guides, we have everything from Tel Aviv’s Best Breakfast for the best after after-party, to Tel Aviv’s Best Gay Bars and Parties for the best places to grab a drink and meet some people. Click here to check out all the guides.

What to do during the week?

Apart from all the Pride Special Events (keep scrolling down), Tel Aviv is full of cool things to do! One the favorite activities in the city is going to the beach to relax, play Matkot, do some water sports or meet people, don’t miss Tel Aviv’s Gay Beach (in front of the Hilton Hotel), check out our Top Things to Do in Tel Aviv guide for more ideas!


Pride Week’s Main Events

This week is full of amazing special events! Keep scrolling down for the highlight of the week, or click here for full event listings. 

All Week Events

May 30th – June 9th – TLVFest @ The Cinematheque 

Tel Aviv’s International LBGT Film Festival is a unique annual event taking place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque showcasing lesbian, bi, gay and trans films. The festival includes best film competitions, presentations from film makers, panel discussions and lots of other cool special events. Read more.

June 2nd – June 9th – Forever Tel Aviv Hot Pride Beach @ Hilton Beach

Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv’s official gay beach is continuing its 2-week pride celebrations with A hot Forever Tel Aviv party starting at 12 pm till 6 pm, every day until June 9th. Read more.

June 3rd – June 10th – Phi Garden Pride Week @ Phi Bar

This upcoming Pride Week – Phi Garden is gonna be queer AF! We are hosting everyday LGBT artists, DJs, Drag Queens and Performers. Read more

Friday 25th of May

Health Conference: Speak Health Proudy @ Pride Center

This year we have a diverse and fascinating conference, for the fifth time! Read more.

Tel Aviv LGBT Millenials Potluck Shabbat Beach Dinner @ Geula Beach

Our Millennials members are having a Shabbat Potluck Dinner on the beach on Friday 25th May. Read more.

Sunday 27th of May

Vegan Cocktal and LGBT @ Pride Center

We invite you to an all-inclusive event – vegan cocktail and LGBT! The evening is open to all of them, to all tendencies and all identities! All invited! Read more.

Tuesday 29th of May

Pride on the Bar

11 events, 11 different bars, just at the same time. Read more.

Talula Bonet @ Otsar

In honor of the upcoming Gay Pride Week, we decided to pick you up. Talula Bonet is the most sexy princess in the world, with a shiny sparkling and glamorous set! Read more.

Wednesday 30th of May

Rainbow Splash – Work it out with pride @ Gordon Beach

The Pride center of the sporting event, together with the Gordon Pool, the LGBT Sports Club and the Viking Sports Club. Read more

Thursday 31st of May

Street Party @ Sheinkin

Celebrating 20 years of pride on the streets of Tel-Aviv! An enormous street party with live music and shows, throwin back to the first pride event that accured on 1993 on Sheinkin Street and broght the gay community upfront. Read more.

Bustan Al-Hubb @ Idris

The context of this exhibit –the Tel Aviv Pride Week– is a popular event where numerous tourists come to the Orient to embrace and celebrate diversity (gender/religion/culture etc.) enabling them to encounter the Exotic Other. Read more.

Elbizexsual @ Anna Loulou

El-Bizsexual — Our Arab-Bisexual event — the only of its kind, back for another hot and sticky night of ink, beats, and drinks. Read more.

Saturday 2nd of June

Picnic Pride Families @ Gan Meir 

The annual family picnic, which has already become a tradition, will be held this year for the seventh time and this is an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and families from all over the country! Read more.

Drama Queen Pride Party: Cult + Zoti @ HaOman 17

We pride ourselves all year round, but we have one week, one and only, in which we celebrate the full drama.) This year there are several reasons for celebration: A 20-year hysterical win at the Eurovision Song Contest, and the Gay Pride Parade, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the community’s past, present and future. Read more.

Mikveh Drag Show @ Kuli Alma

This time we are hosting with the queens: Lady Chocolate, Tomer Versace and your beloved Erika HistErika Miss AmErika. Read more.

Sunday 3rd of June

Pride at the Museum: Celebrating art and culture @ Eretz Israel Museum

The proud community for the first time at the Eretz Israel Museum in an evening of proud culture and art. Read more.

Beyond the Rainbow – Campaign and panel launch @ Cinematheque

We all move on the gender spectrum, between the feminine and the masculine, between the gay / lesbian and heterosexual, between the woman and the male and between the female and the male. Read more.

Open the Pride Week @ Lima Lima 

The Euroflash Line and the Wine Drag Galamazon combine for an especially glamorous evening for the opening of the Prima Lima Pride Week. Read more

Monday 4th of June

Opera Show: The great Divas! @ NYX Tel Aviv

At the Opera Tonight – Celebrating 20 years of pride with the greatest superstars of all times! Read more.

Tuesday 5th of June

Peacocks Pride Group Exhibition @ Yafo Creative

Mark your calendars – on the 5th of June, 18.00 #YafoCreative Boutique Guest House & Art Space opens up a colourful group exhibition focusing on contemporary LGBTQ related art in Israel. Read more.

Wednesday 6th of June

Old Jaffa Pride: Movie and Picnic @ Gan HaPsiga 

MOVIE & PICNIC – Old Jaffa’s view on the Tel Aviv coastline, open air public screening. Read more.

Wigstock 2018 @ Gan Meir

20 years later, the Israel AIDS Task Force in partnership with Tel-Aviv Municipality and the Gay center, and Funded by the Europian Union and The kingdom of the Netherlands we are proud to present the Annual Wigstock Event – a celebration of Drag Performances. Read more.

LGBTech Pride Event

Summer is coming! This year’s Pride month is all about LGBT+ history and achievements, so we’re joining “Lahatab Zahav” in honoring the now-aging LGBT+ community in Israel who made history. Read more.

Zoti Pride @ Lima Lima

Pride! A Deeper Love 💜 Zoti’s pride parties: Wed, 6/6 @ Lima Lima 21:30, 42 Lilinblum st., tlv. Adi Raz ☆ Mori Baum ☆ Ziv Gabay. Read more.

Thursday 7th of June

Waterpark Tel Aviv

The Waterpark Team in a collaboration with Forever Tel Aviv brings to you the most refreshing event of summer time! Read more.

Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Tel-Aviv Summit @ Soluto Rooftop

We’re super excited to invite you to the 3rd Annual Lesbians Who Tech + Allies Tel-Aviv Summit! The summit will bring together over 200+ queer women and gender nonconforming people (+ allies) across all areas of technology. Read more.

Cross #13 – Pride @ Bascula

CROSS: The TLV drag evening is coming back for the 13th time to celebrate pride!
The 3 fabolous gals – Jacqueline Vison, Isha and Joanna Russ are gonna set you on fire! Read more.

The Rocky Show: A Festive Screening @ Rav Hen Ben Ami

Special screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” with a live shadow cast and an audience participation. Read more.

Opening the Gay Pride Weekend @ Zizi

This year too, we are proud to invite you to the gay pride party! Thursday, June 7, you meet with your beloved Zizi and begin to warm the atmosphere for the parade. Read more.

LWT Allies 2018 Tel Aviv Post Summit Cocktail Rooftop Party @ Soluto

POST SUMMIT COCKTAIL ROOFTOP PARTY. DJ Shaked Dudovich will play some great music. Soluto will set us up with drinks and snacks for some perfect post summit chilled cocktail mingling. Read more.

Friday 8th of June

The Main Event – The Pride Parade!

Join 200,000 happy people in this year’s Tel Aviv Pride Parade! Start meeting at 10am at  new location on Ben Tsion Melchett where there will be booths, performances and surprises, before heading out through Tel Aviv at 11am and finishing on Charles Clore for a huge party! Happy Pride Everyone! Read more.

Here are some of this year’s Pride Parade Trucks…

The Pride Truck of the British Embassy – Every Pride is special but this year, is particularly special because it marks 20 years to the first Pride Parade in Israel. To celebrate this year’s theme- generations- we have designed a float that celebrates British music icons, who have helped to bring generations together. 

Unicat Pride – The First Vegan Truck – Hi cats and cats, the Unicat is excited this year to lead the world’s first vegan truck !!!

Saturday 9th of June

Offer Nissim Live Concert @ Tel Aviv Convention Center

The last three years of pride party at Bloomfield Stadium was just a sneak peek for the 2018 Pride –Tel Aviv’s Official Pride Concert for the Gay Weekend – under the open sky! Offer Nissim specially for you! Read more.

Looking for more ideas? 

Check out The Gay Center in Tel Aviv, a hugely important resource for the LGBT community in Tel Aviv, based in Gan Meir. The Gay Center was established in 2008 under the premise that every person regardless of age, race, or gender has the right to live freely. The Gay Center exists as a safe environment for LGBT individuals to seek resources and stay connected with the LGBT community.

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