I am so thrilled that September is finally here, leaving behind us an extremely difficult summer and bringing with it exciting new shows, many of which are opening tonight in Tel Aviv (see my selection below).

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you about the private art tours I’ve been organizing for over a year now.
You can read what people wrote about it in this link and feel free to write me an email with any questions you might have: telavivgalleries@gmail.com

Have a peaceful month,

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Exhibition: Power of Attraction, Group Show

Venue: Rosenfeld Gallery

Opening: September 4th, 8 pm

נוי פורר, זבנית, 2013_Rosenfeld

Work by Noi Fuhrer at Rosenfeld

Exhibition: Birds of Paradise

Artist: Itamar Freed

Venue: Feinberg Projects

Opening: September 4th, 8 pm

Birds of paradise itamar freed feinberg projects

Work by Itamar Freed at Feinberg Projects

Exhibition: Hell

Artist: Yoram Kupermintz

Venue: RawArt Gallery

Opening: September 4th, 8 pm


Work by Yoram Kupermintz at RawArt

Exhibition: Salt

Artist: Alona Harpaz

Venue: Inga Gallery

Opening: September 4th, 8 pm

Alona Harpaz

Alona Harpaz at Inga

Exhibitions: Vik Muniz – Pictures of Magazines 2


Eyal Weiser and Rami Maymon – Merchav 

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery

Opening: September 4th, 8 pm

Eyal Weiser and Rami Maymon, Untitled (Black), 2014, video, 2_06 min

New project by Eyal Weiser and Rami Maymon at Hezi Cohen

Exhibition: The Vision of Division

Artist: Assaf Shaham

Venue: Braverman Gallery

Opening: September 4th, 8pm

BravermanAssaf Shaham_Vision of Division_Figure -Detail From installation- 2014

Assaf Shaham, Vision of Division at Braverman

Exhibition: 56 Levanda

Artist: Sigal Primor

Venue: Chelouche Gallery

Opening: September 4th, 8 pm

Sigal Primor, Levanda 56, detail. LittleMermaid Photography (1)

Sigal Primor at Chelouche

Exhibitions: New Works 2014- Avner Katz (Gordon Gallery)


Discovering Continents- group show (Gordon Gallery 2)

Venues: Gordon Gallery & Gordon Gallery 2

Opening: September 4th, 7:30 pm

Shir MOran Gordon 2

Shir Moran at Gordon Gallery 2

Thursday – Friday

Exhibitions: Tel Aviv > Paris > Tel Aviv, The Shmuel and Tamara Collection

Venues: Givon Art Gallery & Givon Art Forum

Openings: At Givon art Gallery– Thursday September 4th, 8 pm

At Givon Art Forum– Friday September 5th, 12:00

Givon art forum

New shows at Givon


Exhibition: Playing with fire, group show

Venue: ArtPort TLV

Opening: September 9th, 8 pm

אייל אסולין_בין_מתכת_עץ_צבע תעשייתי ושלט אלקטרוני_2013_צילום_מתן מיטווך

Eyal Assulin at ArtPort TLV

Exhibition: Mon Enfant

Artist: Adel Abdessemed

Venue: Dvir Gallery

Opening: From September 9th (NO OPENING EVENT)

Adel Abdessemed mon enfant

Adel Abdessemed at Dvir