Last updated July 13th 2014


Every week I publish details about recommended new shows and art events taking place in Tel Aviv.

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Exhibition: Ramp

Artist: Eden Banet

Venue: Tempo Rubato Gallery

Opening: May 29th, 8 pm

Eden Beneett

Eden Banet at Tempo Rubato

Exhibition: Feel Me

Artist: Tamir Sher

Venue: Z I Z

Opening: May 29th, 8 pm

Tamir Sher Ziz

Tamir Sher at Z I Z

Exhibition: The Infiltrators, group show

Venue: Artport TLV

Opening: May 29th, 8 pm

Art Port

The Infiltrators at ArtPort TLV

Exhibition: How to avoid mistakes

Artists: Galia Pasternak & Talya Raz

Venue: Alfred Institute for Culture and Art

Opening: May 29th, 8 pm

alfred gallery

New Joint show at Alfred

Exhibition: 300-60-48

Artist: David Reeb

Venue: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Opening: May 29th, 8 pm

david reeb tel aviv museum

David Reeb at Tel Aviv Museum


Exhibition: Eternal Afternoon Nap

Artist: Shay Zilberman

Venue: Inga Gallery

Opening: May 30th, 10 am

Shay Zilberman at Inga

Shay Zilberman at Inga

Exhibition: Dana Stirling’s solo show

Venue: Gross Gallery

Opening: May 30th, 12:00


Dana Sterling at Gross