There’s nothing better than sunny days full of promises in the middle of the winter and there’s no better way to enjoy those sunny days than to listen to music that sounds like the warm and shining sun, if the sun had an accompanied sounds.

Young Yosef (A.k.a. Yosef Madar) makes sunny flavoured folky tunes that will make you fall in love. Starting with his first EP “Gauzy Days” followed by the single “Future Legs” he’s crafting his unique sound by combining old fashioned folk with new and fresh tunes and above all he lays his beautiful and heartwarming voice. All together makes his music the idle way to dive deep into sunny days whether they are real or imaginary. Young Yosef is now working on his next EP coming out in April.

CATCH him live tonight (04.12) at “Levontin7″ (split night with “Hush Moss”) and watch the video for “Future Legs” below.



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