Full name: YONIL
Age: 32

Originally from Holon, Israel and lives today in Tel Aviv, Israel

Profession: Artist, illustrator and graphic designer
Current job and position: Freelance illustrator, graphic designer and owner of the YONIL clothing store.
Education: 2009 Graduate of H.I.T. Holon, Israel, department of Visual Communication.

Describe your style in 3 words:
bold, graphic, layered

What is the reason you started illustrating?
I started drawing at a very early age. Mom is a graphic design graduate from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem so it kinda ran in the family… But if we’re talking what exactly got me to realize that this is what I absolutely HAVE to do with my life – it’s music and everything about it – Gig posters, album covers, band t-shirts, vinyls and all that stuff that accompanies the music itself.
What inspires you?
Well music obviously, bands, musicians, songs, gigs. but also my surroundings, the city I live in, other artists, stuff I see online. Seeing works I love by other artists and designers definitely makes me motivated to work on new stuff.
Who inspires you?
There is no specific person that inspires me. it can be a friend telling me a joke, it can be a student that just posted his awesome project on facebook, it can be a street artist’s work I pass by on the street and it might be a songwriter who’s poem just blew my mind. it’s all about what makes an idea be born in my head – no one way to do it.
Prefered techniques:
I’d usually sketch a bit in the notebook or on my wacom before starting something but I do most of my work in photoshop and using scanned textures I collected over the years.

Favourite illustrator/artist: I’m pretty hooked on Invisible Creature’s work. The Brothers Don and Ryan Clark pretty much reflect everything I love doing in my works.
Dream Job? I just hope I can continue developing the YONIL Store even more and taking it to further levels. other than that I’m pretty much happy with what I do I think.

Best animated show on TV nowadays: Rick and Morty.
Best animated movie of all times? Kung Fu Panda or The Lion King.
Top 3 Israeli illustrators: Assaf Benharroch, Dekel Hevroni, Ella Cohen

Top 5 favorite things in life:
first coffee of the morning / my wacom / hats that fit you well / winter / italian food.
In my defence, I did not include any “things” that are alive in this list like my cats or my wife and family cause these are obvious and also the question clearly says “things” :)

Hobbies & Interests:
really love discovering new music and musicians. I like flipping through magazines and super-enjoy taking naps.

Webpage: www.yonil.com
YONIL Store: store.yonil.com
Facebook: facebook.com/yonil.illustration.and.design
Instagram: instagram.com/yonil

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