Last updated February 27th 2017

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The essence of Japanese culture begins as soon you step foot inside the door of Yoko Kitahara’s Ottoman built Japanese spa on a quiet street in Jaffa. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Yoko Kitahara is a small heaven of Japanese therapy, hospitality and design—so beautifully  juxtaposed alongside its Middle Eastern history and the Arabic architecture that still remain.

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Yoko wanted her spa to be a place for therapy, but also culture. She dreamt of introducing Tel Avivians to her love for the country of her origin. She wanted to give her guests a deeper understanding of Japanese hosting, Omotenashi, a special one-on-one relationship that is created between host and guest.

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The Yoko Kithara method naturally combines the base of shiatsu and aromatherapy. Treatments are performed slowly and deeply, giving special focus to the rhythm of breathing. Yoko mixes her own combination of pure aromatic oils to create a journey of different fragrances and rhythms.

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Omotenashi is about the small details, and at Yoko Kithara the Omotenashi is never ending; from the beautiful plates and cups, the selected Japanese tea, the way the tray is organised, the aromas to the music.

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There is a selection of a few kinds of original treatments and a selection of beauty treatments that are based on organic natural peeling processes, combined with massage.  This spa gives you an experience of contemporary minimalism and uncompromising quality.

As said by Yoko herself, the treatment starts at the gate.

22 Ha’shachaf Street, Jaffa, 03-6058339. Read more about Yoko Kitahara in the Telavivian City Guide | Facebook

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