Last updated July 31st 2016

Tzlil_web_Luke Brossette

Tzlil Danin has just announced the international release of her debut EP titled Tzlil 3.1, a short EP she calls a “3P”: 3 songs, 3 music videos and lots of musical and visual collaborations. Tzlil is inspired by international pop music with her own passion-filled, middle eastern twist.

The tracks Oh My Love, Let Go and City Friends represent a stylistic evolution in the singers sound and have already garnered press coverage at home and abroad.

Tzlil first made a name for herself when she was featured in Metropolin’s 2012 hit, You Tire Me out, and since then she has carved out a career for herself; performing at Israel’s largest indie music festival InDNegev as well as the international showcase festival Tune In Tel Aviv.

Soundcloud | YouTube  | Facebook | Instagram: @tzlildanin

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