Last updated July 31st 2016

Tsibi Geva is an established Israeli artist whose work has been featured among numerous galleries within Israel and also abroad. His work has awarded him solo artist awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israeli Ministry of Culture.



Geva’s paintings incorporate elements of abstract technique and thought creating a tumult result. No manner or style affect Geva’s recent work, and their meaning sparks from within his approach to the canvas.


Based off a quote from Yona Wallach’s poem If You Want a Place, Geva’s latest exhibition If You Want A Horrible Place Say So is now showing at Hezi Cohen Gallery. The exhibition, which features the artist’s paintings will run until the 27th of August and a gallery talk will be hosted on Friday, July 29th.

Hezi Cohen Gallery, Wolfson St 54, Tel-Aviv, +972–3–6398788 | Facebook 

Tsibi Geva, If You Want a Horrible Place Say So, HCG 2016 (1)

Photos by Tal Nisim. Courtesy of the artist and Hezi Cohen Gallery.

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