Last updated September 5th 2016


When Talia Peri and Hava Cohen chose a name for their band, they decided to go with something that would reflect the fact that they were both women–so they chose The Aprons. Coincidentally, neither of them can cook. But they can make music, and they do it well!

The Aprons are based out of Tel Aviv. Peri and Cohen categorize their band’s music as dream pop, giving listeners a sense of the mood their music portrays: which is emotional, personal and cathartic. Keeping the band a duo minimizes the musicianship, yet gives each of them room to explore their own sonic sphere.

The band’s composition lies heavily on vocals and their interaction with bass whose riffs can’t be ignored live and in the studio. Since The Apron’s release of their last album “Sound Stains” (2012), they have become a favorite for Indie lovers around the world. With the release of a 2016 album “Any Human Heart” and an upcoming local performance, Tel Avivian listeners have a lot to look forward to from The Aprons! 

The Aprons will perform Tuesday, Sep. 13th, 20:30 at “The Zone”. For more info click here.
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