Last updated January 19th 2017

A performative component of Conditions of Political Choreography, Tel Avivian artist Yael Bartana’s Tashlikh is about healing past traumas and looking ahead to build a new life.


Drawing from the Jewish practice of tashlikh, the throwing of bread into a stream in order to atone for one’s sins, Bartana’s work begins with shedding possessions that have survived with a person through traumatic events. The idea is that objects are more than their materials and functions—they are steeped in memories and associations. For those that survived intense trauma, however, they are also remnants of “a world that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Her work brings to life “a platform for both perpetrators and survivors of various genocides or ethnic persecutions—the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, as well as Sudanese and Eritrean ethnic cleansing or civil wars—to confront their personal material links to the horrors of the past.”


Tashlikh will be showing at the Center for Contemporary Art-Tel Aviv (CCA) on the following dates: 5/1, from 19:00-22:00; 6/1, from 10:00-14:00; 7/1, from 10:00-14:00, with an artist talk by Yael Bartana and curator Sergio Edelsztein at 12:30).

Located at Tsadok ha-Cohen Street 2, Tel Aviv. T: 03.510.6111,

Additional details for Tashlikh are on Facebook.

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