Last updated February 16th 2017

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Funkadelic riffs, muddy VHS visuals disintegrating into psychedelic swirls, featuring a wailing Karolina and Adam Scheflan echoing in the background—Kutiman’s latest release, aptly named She’s a Revolution is another delectable audio visual delight!

Kutiman, the Jerusalem born multi-instrumentalist garnered some major attention a few years back from his “ThruYOU” project, an online music video project that featured a mixture of YouTube samples, a project that sent the melody foraging monster into complete reclusion.

“It took me two months, but it was really intense. I barely ate, I just worked on a computer and went to sleep…day and night, and night and day…didn’t see any friends, no family…not even the sun”. The result: Groove bombs that vary between electronica, brass heavy funk, jazz and Mediterranean sounds.

Written by Zoe Karbe

You can catch the Kutiman Orchestra at the Moadon Hateatron on February 2nd.
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Photo credit: Yoav Lipkin

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