Last updated February 16th 2017

A  ‘secret stash’ is a hidden place for the good stuff.
In the case of a small collective of graphic designers who go by the same name, Secret Stash refers to art—which, like all the best secret stashes, does not disappoint!

Itamar Makover, Ori Keinan, Ilan Goren and Sagie Maya formed Secret Stash in mid 2016 with the intent of getting their art out to a wider audience. “There are a lot of young artists that struggle”, explains Ori, “we thought that as a group we could push each other to new heights”.

Their art is colorful and varied, with influences from hip-hop and pop culture, street art, Japanese art and many more. Be sure to check them out on social media, where they upload new art every week! Written by Yali Barkan.








Facebook  | Instagram: @secretstashtlv
And don’t miss out on their next sale event at the end of March at the Buxa.

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