Last updated November 13th 2016

Directed by award winning Israeli female director Elite Zexer, Sand Storm presents a familiar feminist tale of a teenage girl trapped between her desire to control her destiny and the constraints of her traditional family.


Sand Storm begins with wedding festivities in a Bedouin village in Israel, where Jalila finds herself in the awkward position of hosting her husband Suliman’s marriage to a second, much younger wife. During the celebration, Jalila stumbles across eldest daughter Layla’s involvement with a boy from her university—a strictly forbidden liaison that would shame the family.

Burying the indignity of Suliman and his new bride living next door, Jalila also tries to contain Layla’s situation by clamping down on her. Younger and possessed of a boundless spirit, Layla sees a different life for herself.

This emotionally intelligent feature offers a sympathetic but clear eyed look at the inequalities that entrap women in a Bedouin village stranded between modernization and anachronistic patriarchy. Two Bedouin women, a teenager and her mother, dare to defy polygamist marital traditions in southern Israel.

Sand Storm will be Israel’s first Arabic-Language foreign Oscar entry.

Sand Storm is featuring this month in the international competition of Jio MAMI 18th Mumbai Film Festival , India’s largest film festival, (20thOctober and concludes on 27th October 2016).

Directed and written by Elite Zexer .

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