Last updated May 9th 2017

Written by Daniela Engelberg.


Ruti De Vries is a Tel Avivian woman with a boundless ability to create richly decorated installations, minimalistic sculptures and dreamy animations using functional and cheap and everyday materials. De Vries’ conceptual crafts include fascinating ritual sites and spaces of ethnic and religious adoration, which are then turned into momentary commemorations.

Through the aspect of symmetry, De Vries echoes a romantic ideal—a huge matrimonial bed made out of heavy, black garbage bags and an overly decorated wedding venue. “This corny essence remains as a tacky fantasy, perishable as the feeble materials it is made of,” she says.

The artist often portrays the powerful relationship between the animal and the human through four-legged creatures and tackles the narrow perception of women with the inclusion of Japanese female warriors and classic Greek sculptures in some of her installations. Ruti de Vries defines her art to be rich, grotesque or even kitsch by nature. She’s had numerous exhibitions and is currently showcasing her solo show, Wild Heart, at HaKibbutz gallery.






AHֱ הלוחמת

Color Balance



Photo credit: Liat Elbling

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