Last updated May 8th 2016


Personifying the objects that slip though our everyday lives, artist Ronit Baranga challenges the passive nature of inanimate objects, abandoning the classic binary between still and living life.

Stripping the objects of their implicit functionality, Baranga emancipates her creations from the very duties we unconsciously place upon them. With the ability to stun their observers, the objects maintain an ability to exert influence over their environment.




Endowed with a single human form, a mouth or a set of fingers, the function of each piece becomes inverted. Cups meant to hold water suddenly drink the contents pored into them; teacups are now able to run away from us.

We have been conditioned to place ourselves in command of the materials we create. Baranga creates the space for us to reposition ourselves. | Facebook | Instagram



All images are courtesy of the artist.

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