Rona Malkin, Content editor and DJ 


I’m one of those girls with a serious addiction to everything that’s black and oversized, mainly because life is too exhausting and dirty to wear color. When I want to go wild I wear dark greys, navy and red. Still, I think that within those dark boundaries there’s a wide range of textures, patterns and fits that can make an interesting outfit.

I don’t have much patience for shopping, nor loyalty to any specific brands, but I really enjoy digging for treasures in other people’s closets.  A good find can sometimes help me break my ‘black cycle’ with some fun signature items that I love but would
have never considered if I didn’t stumble across coincidentally.



I don’t like getting into genre specifications and name-dropping because it’s annoying and usually fails to describe the music I love. If pushed into a corner, I’d say that the music that I like tends to be dark in some way, but not always. I often like music with a guitar sound, but not necessarily. I call it pop, but most people would disagree




Favorite spot in the city
I find something interesting about the top floors of old parking structures around the city.

Bar Uganda

Café Beta ve Grega






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