Last updated January 19th 2016

Prettimess Collective is a collaboration founded by Untay and DaSilva boards. They bring together multi-discipline artists, illustrators and designers who connect to street themes and alternative-like art. The Collective aims to create in a way that is sophisticated yet approachable and celebrated by all.

This Thursday, Prettimess Collective is happy to launch a creation-house of their own in south Tel Aviv. The house will join together independent creators – something innovative in the street affiliated scene. It will function as Prettimess Collective’s studio and gallery; featuring exhibits, art sales and workshops. 

The opening exhibition/launching event is this weekend! 

Opening hours for this weekend: Thursday, Jan 14th, 19:00-23:00, Friday, Jan 15th, 14:00-18:00.
Prettimess Collective, Franzos St. 14, Tel Aviv.  
Facebook Page.  Instagram: @prettimesscrew



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