Last updated November 22nd 2015


Tel Avivian artist and designer Nir Peled is as talented as he is modest. Nothing about how he talks even begins to convey the wealth, voraciousness and innovative spirit of his creations.

Only 30, Peled, better known in the industry as Pilpeled, already has a decade of work behind him. To celebrate it, he is now launching a book of drawings, SLKTD, and his own pop-up store at Beit Romano.
The store, elaborately and meticulously designed, is home to countless accessories Peled has crafted: from iPhone covers to socks to wallets to t-shirts. “I can’t really name what I do: illustrations, drawings, clothes- I just let my visual language take me where it wants to,” he laughingly explains.

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Peled started showcasing his art as a young soldier. Most of his friends were in music bands, and he had made posters for their shows at their request. From there he moved on to creating posters for Tel Aviv’s multiple party lines and clubs. “Over time it just became my job, without my ever meaning it to be that. I never learned Art- everything sort of came to be by accident,” he reflects.


Over the years, Peled has joined forces with various collaborators from Tel Aviv’s music and art scenes. The beautiful projects were made even more stunning by his mostly black-and-white, provocative, eery and dream-like handiwork. Album covers for Israeli rockstar Rami Fortis and dynamic Hip Hop duo Cohen@Mushon, a Coca Cola commercial and a signature design for an Absolut Vodka bottle are just some of the most prominent examples of Peled’s varied body of work.

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How does he do it? Well, to Peled, inspiration can be found anywhere and in anything: “Muse can be discovered in music, in films, in daydreams. The real challenge is bringing it into fruition.”
Pilpeled is a dreamer whose dreams have taken him a long way. Having arrived at the occasion of opening his own store (with the aid of partner Amit Barak), he now wants to set roots in the fashion world. “My real dream, though, dates back all the way to my boyhood: doing a comic book.”


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