Last updated July 31st 2016

Ototo, born out of the innovative and enchanted minds of Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner, all began with their first spiraled light fixture creation. They went on to create, invent and imagine–constantly drawing on their old designs, reinventing and creating from scratch.


Ototo embodies functional and fun pieces to have around the house, which are full of surprises! The bold and solid colors and clever concepts make their products individual and playful.

In Hebrew, Ototo means “any minute now”; which captures the nature of the company and the spirit of Ori and Daniel. Their work is the direct result of the flow of ideas they have, with the belief that the next idea, invention and inspiration will come around the corner, “any minute now”

Ototo recently launched their new collection, available online for pre-order and going on sale in the middle of August 2016. | Facebook | Instagram: @ototodesign

Mon Cherry_03

Mon Cherry designed by Jenny Pokryvailo

Mon Cherry_04

Mon Cherry designed by Jenny Pokryvailo

Mon Cherry_01

Mon Cherry designed by Jenny Pokryvailo


Wishpins Designed by Tania Pons



Wishpins designed by Tania Pons



Wishpins designed by Tania Pons


Photo credit: Dan Lev Studio

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