Full name: Noam Weiner
Age: 28

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel  and lives today in Hamburg, Germany.

Profession: Illustrator
Current job and position: Freelance illustrator (also dabbling in some Graphic design)
Education: Bezalel Academy – Visual Communication 

Describe your style in 3 words: Figurative, Free & Full of cultural references.

What is the reason you started illustrating? I am pretty sure drawing was the first thing I loved and learned to master in my life. As a child I was already deep into illustration and comics. I would wait for the weekend paper to cut out the Dudu Geva comics section.

What inspires you?: History, television series, wandering randomly in the streets & long showers.
Who inspires you? Weird people on the street, my friends and Prof. Michael Harsegor (RIP).
Preferred technique: Pencil + Photoshop. and for 3D work I love working with SuperScalpey and car paint.

Favourite illustrator/artist: Zoya Cherkassky, for being an artist and an illustrator. 
Dream Job? Toy designer

Best animated show on TV nowadays: Still loving the not-so-new “King of the hill”.
Best animated movie of all times?  Waltz with Bashir & Spirited Away.
Top 3 Israeli illustrators: the first who come to mind are: David Polonsky, Shimrit Elkanati & Dudu Geva. But Israel is overflowing with talent and there are so many more brilliant illustrators!

 Website: http://noamweiner.com/
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