Last updated January 19th 2017

Written by Zoe Karbe

One can get quite caught up in the electrophonic trip while listening to the sounds of Tel Aviv artist Mo Rayon; “I have never really been into the generestic sound”. It’s no wonder, as it is virtually impossible to pinpoint the Haifa born artist Mo Rayon to any definitive genre.

Rayon’s fascination with electronica, as he recalls, was born when listening to Aphex twins, a sound that sparked the electronic music making obsession he has to this very day.


As eclectic as the sound is, there is a distinct style that emanates throughout the music. Mo manages to weave in and out of different forms and even eras of music. Listeners will find themselves immersed in an afro house beat before suddenly being thrown into some sharp trap style vocals—or even hit with a nostalgic wave of 90’s electronica, finding, that all of a sudden the track has taken on a very different character.

It’s this wildly experimental taste and ‘no holds barred’ that has made Mo Rayon a prominent DJ in Tel Aviv’s music scene. His music extends over three different labels, Raw Tapes, Fufi Records, and Tamvin.

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