Last updated February 16th 2015

Can a gallery be exciting? Usually, a gallery is supposed to be a “white box”, plain empty walls, giving all of the focus to the artworks. But this is not the case in Meshuna gallery. In Hebrew, Meshuna is a portmanteau of the words “odd” and “moving”, which clarifies its goal to be a unique and vibrant gallery, and it really is.

The saying “It’s all about location location location” is very accurate considering the “Meshuna”, located in the heart of the Florentin neighbourhood, where the walls are filled with street art. The gallery space was once a run-down ruin of a building, abandoned for nearly seven years until the founders, Oren Fisher and Anton Abrahmov, decided to renovate it into the inviting gallery it is today. Their showcases collaborate with many famous street-artists, such as Untay, Dioz, Dede, Nitzan Mintz, signior Gi and many other great and interesting creators.

“Both Oren and I are creating artists”, says Anton, “And the truth is we were looking to find space for a studio, and we decided to dedicate the extra room to function as a showroom, to sort of give back to the community. We ended up running an ‘artist friendly’ gallery that has really given different creators a chance to grow as independent artists, and which also run a variety of cultural events.

To visit Meshuna gives you a great opportunity to witness of young innovative Telavivian culture, which explores the city and itself in an intriguing way.

112 Hertzl Street, Tel Aviv, 052-2241313,

Written by Shani Barzilay

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