Last updated January 13th 2016


Maapilim is an alternative lifestyle brand designed specifically to give conscious Israeli men style options that may otherwise tricky to find locally. Focusing primarily on beard oil and moustache wax, the brand is a throwback to simpler days, inspired by the concept of slow and natural living. With products that are entirely manually manufactured with basic and approachable ingredients, this journey into nostalgia offers an uncomplicated, yet sophisticated, answer to the sometimes hectic Tel Aviv life.



With the day-to-day operations run by a brother-sister team, Jonathan and Mor, and the beautiful design created masterfully by another close relative, Doron, this family-focused brand truly is a reminder to slow-down, and focus on the simpler things in life. Inspired by a fascinating family history grounded in nautical life and the sea, the name Maapilim was chosen to represent this connection – with each product named after a different Maapilim ship.



Not only limited to their own products, Maapilim also sells local Tel Aviv products that they love, from some of their favourite brands in the city, such as Craft & Bloom, Swift, with more goodies to come.



To check out more about Maapilim, and check out their website and Instagram. Interested in learning about the fabulous brand founders and designers? You can always delve into their lives on their Instagram’s: Jonathan + Doron.

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