Last updated October 11th 2014

Sometimes the need to make new and exciting music means you have to go back to your roots and discover there the first melodies that made a mark on you – a real one – only then you may come back making music that will influence others and make a mark.

This is where Liron Amram & The Panthers enter – founded by Liron Amram (the son of Aharon Amram which was the forerunner of Yemenite music in Israel, and is still regarded as one of the leading artists in the genre) and overseen by Yehuda Keisar – undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarist here. Liron Amram & The Panthers are making history by mixing between the old school Yemenite music with up-to-date music, bringing back the memories and melodies from his childhood home and giving them a new electronic, funky and even African groove interpretation and adding to it some 70′s rebellious vibes creating new and exciting music backed with true musical history that goes back hundreds of years and still stays new and fresh and you can also add timeless.  Now Liron is in preparations for the release of the first official single later this year while working on the full album and touring all over the country. So make sure you’ll discover them and be part of their musical history making before everyone else.

CATCH them performing live TODAY (09.10) at “The Container” and watch the live outtakes below.

Liron Amram & The Panthers לירון עמרם והפנתריםLiron Amram & The Panthers
לירון עמרם והפנתרים

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