Last updated February 16th 2017


The Knobbly x Laurie Franck collaboration, based out of Tel Aviv, is a timely yet timeless work of two artists supporting each other’s creativity and integrity—forming a creative sisterhood which manifests itself in their designs.

French tattoo artist and photographer Laurie Franck and burgeoning Tel Avivian designer Gittit Szwarc (of Knobbly), forged a friendship on Instagram and joined artistic forces to make a series of products, ranging from silk scarves to pins and jewelry, representing the origins of the female body.

Szwarc is attracted to separating perception from reality, making her collaboration with Franck’s suggestive but subtle line drawings a natural fit. The female form has been celebrated as long as art has existed, and this collection feels more relevant than ever! Written by Marissa Shapiro.


Nude No. 2 earring long website


Laurie Franck tee concrete pink sm

Laurie Franck tee concrete white sm



Tom deconstructed nude large 1 small

Outtake tom laurie nude no. 2

Tom Deconstructed Nude 14k 1


Handpoke Woman tee Tom

Knobbly, Ruhama St. 16, Tel Aviv.
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