Last updated March 13th 2016

Created by Gittit Szwarc, Knobbly Studio features delicate, minimalist and stunning jewellery. With a thoughtful design process, from her studio in Tel Aviv, Gittit takes into consideration the natural contours of the human form, looking to produce something that is both visually engaging for the onlooker, as well as something that flows with the person.

We especially love her amazing, unique ear cuffs and tusk rings, that are both engaging and effortlessly hip. With all pieces modelled by contemporary dancers – a deliberate choice to display her pieces in action – the jewellery speaks for itself.

Looking to streamline both her life and her jewellery collections, Gittit lives by the intriguing motto “Forever in limbo between a minimalist aesthetic and full on war paint,” and we cannot wait to see what she creates next.

Calligraphic Ear Pin option 1

Double line ear cuff option 1

Double line ear cuff option 2

Minimalist ear cuff

Open Square Ring

Outline Ear Pin option 2

Written by Rebecca Roberts
Photos by Aya Wind
Model: Ori Kroll

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