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She starts with a photograph. Cutting the photo apart, she deconstructs it—the pieces get bent, reconnected, weaved together—sometimes with thread, often without any adhesive. Though the photo remains the primary material for her piece, it enters into a new life and dimension. The results are 2-d pieces,  3-d sculptures, or In-situ installations that are entirely breathtaking.

This is the work of Irit Tamari, whose tactile, hands-on approach is steadfast and bold in the age of digital manipulation. Tamari, who was educated at HaMidrah and Betzalel Academy, and spent half a decade working in Beijing, is an Israel native who lives and works in Tel Aviv.



It is the intersection of photography and sculpture, and it’s simultaneous paradox, that challenges Tamari to break the boundaries of her material. The artist’s more recent In-situ installations take the approach a step further, transforming sites themselves. For example, photographing the empty gallery space before an exhibition and working her installation around these site-specific photographs.

Adding movement and possibility with her multidisciplinary creations, viewers  are enticed to reinterpret material, subjects and spaces. It’s a chain of metamorphosis from beginning to end—and we love it! | Instagram: @irittamari

Irit Tamari’s work can be seen now in the group show Any Possible Place at Rehovot Municipal gallery, Rechov Yaakov 23. And if you are heading to China, in the group show Made in Israel curated by Yaniv Shapira at Redtory Gallery, Guanzhou, China

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Photograph by Elad Sarig



Photograph by Yuval Chai




Photograph by Elad Sarig


Photograph by Elad Sarig

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