Last updated August 9th 2016


Just like the city of Jerusalem, ThDjamchid Sisters contain something hidden and mysterious. In the duo’s debut self-titled album, the city appears in many ways and influences the rhythm of the group.

The sisters, Shai-li and Eden Djamchid, are born-and-raised Jerusalem girls performing for a few years around the city’s local music scene. Slowly, with a combination of talent and hard work, they focused on creating music rather than being famous. Through this, they gained a crowd that followed them around, listening to their unique voices. Et finafter all this time, their album is released and being supported by their ever-growing group of fans.



Soft Hebrew indie sounds combined with Israeli instrumental folk music are the soul creations of the sisters. Playing their own instruments (Shi-li on the guitar and Eden on the cello), singing, writing and composing songs–it is a truly original beat connecting to the local reality of Israel. Now kicking off their first big tour, starting last month with Daniela Spector, their transformation from small local musicians to everyone’s living room jam is becoming obvious.

They appear as the girls-next-door type, and if you get to know them, fans will discover that this is exactly what they are. Don’t let that fool you–their lyrics and strong stage presence are anything but humble–true feminine voices giving room to questions about identity, love and the struggle within this lifetime.



The music of The Djamchid Sisters is the perfect gateway for a relaxing time with yourself or friends, but one will find that there is an additional disturbance or uneasiness. This is thanks to the mystical and sometimes haunting voices and lyrics that reveal some dimension of truth.
Written by Nadav Batzir 

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Photos: Katya Bourindine
Makeup: Shira Miles
Fashion and Styling: Anat Friedman
Concert photos: Dana Bar Siman

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