Last updated April 28th 2015

Last month, I embarked on a neighborly journey to the studio and design space of Tel Aviv artist Avinoam Sternheim, who ironically works just down the road from where I live. Weaving through graffiti-laced buildings and passageways, I entered a nondescript building and was greeted by a charming individual with an extraterrestrial art mind and knack for rummaging through discarded materials previously left on the street to decompose in the sunlight. “These objects have worth, to me!,” claims Sternheim during my visit.

Obtuse, massive sculptures, designs, and artworks of no particular label, Sternheim bares no burden to build and compose for the masses, but is a true creative with a keen sense of self and individualism often taken for granted in the “art world.”

While previously exhibiting his “Home Defender” sculpture at the Kuli Alma art space in south Tel Aviv earlier this year, keep your eyes peeled for the artist’s next exhibition to be featured in the Petach Tikvah Museum of Art in Israel in 2016.

Want to know more about Avinoam Sternheim? Visit the artist’s Facebook page to contact him directly.

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