Last updated March 13th 2016

Heineken Garage Gallery is Tel Aviv’s new home for video art. As an urban project, the gallery aims to establish a new home for video artists in Tel Aviv, featuring solo exhibitions by prominent local artists. Located in an auspicious parking lot, at dusk the space is transformed into a transcendent viewing space.

Partnering with Heineken and Suramare, ensures that the venture will be at the heart of the city’s passionate, authentic, urban cultural experiences.

The first solo exhibition – and the launch of the project – is created by Yoav Ruda, is entitled “Subjugator”, a multi channel video presentation. Opening February 3, 2015, we are eagerly anticipating this latest development in the Tel Aviv art scene.

Heineken Garage Gallery at Suramare, 24 Saadia Gaon Street, Tel Aviv
Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday 8:00PM – Midnight

Opening event: Feb 3, 19.30 – Midnight

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Written by Rebecca Roberts

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