Last updated January 1st 2017

Artport’s latest exhibition, Golden Hands, is a collaboration by artists-in-residence, photographer David Adika and sculpturist and drawer Hilla Toony Navok, from their travels in Japan.


The collaboration runs far deeper than simply sharing an installation. As Toony put it, this “process of working together was important as an artist after doing many things on my own, with my own vision of things and aesthetic language.”

For Adika and Toony, going to Tokyo for this project was about finding a new playground—far away and very different from Israel. And yet, somehow the ideas on aesthetics, space, design, and kitsch that they experienced and brought back from this trip were not so unfamiliar.

One particular tenet of Japanese aesthetics that resonated with Adika and Toony was the concept that the audience should experience art (not simply look at it) and find the beauty in it for themselves. For Adika, this means looking “on a very simple object or item and taking out of it a moment of grace; and in Japan, I recognized a lot of graceful moments in everything.” Toony explained that she encourages the audience to be present with her work in the way she “manipulate[s] the viewer to see things through an object or image or to not have the full image right away.”

Photo credit: Liat Elbling

Photo credit: Liat Elbling

Both artists recognized that these principles have been present in their work for years, without knowing the Japanese origins. Perhaps this natural connection is the reason why Adika explains that “in Japan, I think that I found many ideas that I was seeking for years. Maybe it is not about the way those ideas look or that the imagery is totally different from what I do in general…but I found that [in Japan] the same principles, thoughts and compositions […] that exist in previous bodies of works came naturally.”


Golden Hands is on exhibition at Artport through 31/12. Located at Derech Ben Zvi 55, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

There will be a talk with the artists, held at Artport, on 31/12 at 12:00. Read more about Hilla Toony Navok here and David Adika here.

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