Young Telavivian designer Noa Geller took a step back into her childhood and got inspired by the world of Botany with a nonchalant urban look for this Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Sometimes the best of our present ideas come from our past, and the fashion designer got inspired from growing up in a farmer’s family from Kfar Hess in Israel. Geller was surrounded by plants, nature and fields which she is able to portray through her clothing.

All of Galler’s creations are made using natural fabrics such as cotton and copro, as well as colorful plant prints.  Galler makes sure that the outfits she sells to her clients are comfortable, thin and high quality. Galler is launching an exciting and surprising capsule collection of ‘’one-piece’’ designs later in the season.

גלר טוניקה 490

גלר, חולצה340, חצאית 460

גלר חולצה 450

גלר שמלה 450

גלר שמלה 450

גלר שמלה 451

גלר חולצה 290

גלר שמלה 380

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