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Written by Stephanie Midyan | 26.02.17




Psychedelic-folk indie rock band Folly Tree began when army friends-turned-bandmates Alex Moshe (lead singer/band manager) and Maor Shvartzberg (guitar) decided to add third member Tal Tamari (bass). With the later addition of drummer Ran and an eventual alternating fifth member, currently Eyal Lenzini, the band found their sound, which can best be described as dreamy, emotional and majestic.

Folly Tree chose their name after becoming attached to the word ‘folly’ when they included it in one of their songs. According to Alex, “The meaning of Folly Tree is sort of the opposite to the ‘tree of wisdom’. It comes to celebrate our foolishness and faults, our wildness.”  Folly Tree’s self titled first full album is now available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Soundcloud. Written by Stephanie Midyan.


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