Last updated February 2nd 2015

The Excess Exhibition opens tonight at  Gabirol – גַבִּירוֹל – جَبيرول art space.

The exhibition will host local artists in collaboration with, a group of artist from Munich, Germany.
Natalie Feldesman, the curator and one of the artists of the exhibition, told us that she run into in Munich by accident after trying her luck with the local galleries there.

Downstairs.ART was founded in January 2011 by Matthias Lamsfuss and Eric Schoenemeier. At first their plan was to open a traditional art gallery. During the first year, Downstairs.ART presented their artists at the Munich Contempo – and the KunStart12 art fair in Bolzano, Italy. The following years Downstairs.ART organized over 20 exhibitions in traditional gallery venues, like the Munich Stadtmuseum, as well as in more unconventional locations such as inhabited city apartments or industrial halls.

Excess Exhibition will deal with the subjects like sustainability, lack of resources, waste management and the exploitation of humans in order to sustain the western standard of living.

23:00 at Gabirol – גַבִּירוֹל – جَبيرول

The opening tonight will be a party with loads of music made by Downstairs.ART.

⦁ OLIVER KLOSTERMANN live | downstairs. | moderndisco | Munich
⦁ FLO SCHEUER | downstairs. | Munich
⦁ FEZ | downstairs. | Munich
⦁ YANNIC BARTEL | downstairs. | Munich
⦁ ASAF SAMUEL | 84%Creativity | Tel Aviv

German Artists (downstairs. Art):
Sebastian Lechner –
Camill v. Egloffstein
Alexander Scharf –
Samuel Langer –
Lukasz Jaworski –
Leo Konopizky –
Matthias Lamsfuß
Eric Schönemeier

Israeli Artists:
Michal Helfman –
Natalie Feldesman –
Noa Goffer
Talia Levy
Chen Steinberg
Amit Ofek
Sivan Dayan –
Fima Shlick
Itzik Mor
Moshik Chen
Anton Avramov + Oren Fischer [heads of Meshuna Gallery]
Ishai Shapira Kalter –
Rehout Keren