Last updated July 17th 2017

Written by Zoe Karbe 

An old and abandoned steel factory surrounded in smog…and ghosts. This is the sound of D.R.Y (Don’t Repeat Yourself)—the terrifyingly spooky, Russian/Israeli, industrial, post-punk noise, ‘dark shamanic pop’ (in their own words) band. Consisting of just three members: Dimitry Polykov (vocals), Ran Nahmias (the ‘silent’ electric cellist) and Itay Sendowski (the drums). D.R.Y. creates a mysterious and sinister sound you’ve never heard before.

The quality sound is busy and complex—Dimitry’s demonic vocals echoes through the jarring percussive beats, while the bass-y eletro cello plucks on, creating super sinister melodies. Their music is like free flowing noise—in the best way possible—creating a collection of sounds all woven together to create something truly original. Scary, but unique nonetheless.



D.R.Y. will play at Zimmer TLV on Thursday, July 13th. For more info, click here


Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram: @dontrepeatyourselfofficial

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