The Daniella Lehavi’s Spring Summer 15 collection was inspired by the concept ‘from sunrise to sunset”. We were really intrigued by the many circular shapes found in the collection and wanted to echo them in this season’s campaign, while capturing the feeling of a fun breezy summer.

Large white wooden boxes, laser-cut as waves and airbrushed in gradient ice cream shades – were created as the main theme for the design of the stage set. Huge pool textures were printed and used as two dimensional backgrounds for the model’s feet to dip in. Ran Golani’s still life frames created a game of illusion, as he captured the products on a background of graphic posters. Asaf Einy’s shots continue this idea of beautiful artificial nature. Here are some of this season’s leading imagery.

Still Life Photography : Ran Golani
Model Photography : Asaf Einy
Styling : Shiran Mania
Stage Set : Tal Brimmer

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