Last updated April 17th 2016

Melanie Daniel’s latest exhibition Cabin Fever, opens tomorrow at the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art. Born in Victoria, British Colombia, Daniel currently lives and works in Israel, with both places being represented throughout her work.


Upon first glance, the paintings embody the warmth of a children’s Storybook. However, upon closer look, Daniel’s figures can be found in the midst of committing violent acts.Continuing with thematic contradiction, Middle Eastern imagery is placed next to images from Canada’s rustic wilderness.


This contradiction is most evident in Daniel’s ‘Cabin Raqs Video’ in which a woman dances ‘Raqs Sharqi’ among cutouts of pine tress. The represented iconography does not flight for space. Rather, Cabin Fever creates balance.



Cabin Fever opens Saturday April 16th, 11:00 AM

Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art
7 Mazeh Street, Tel Aviv


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