Last updated May 15th 2017

Written by Stephanie Midyan

A22, a Tel Avivian fashion brand that started in 2011 by Anat Zafrir, summarizes its style as ‘Straight Yet Forward.’ The collection is neutral-toned and modern, characterized by mostly patternless garments in bold, loose-fitting cuts. Zafrir, a former modern dancer and interior design, art and philosophy graduate, draws inspiration from ‘pure geometry—construction, distorted silhouettes of shapes and forms, symmetric against asymmetric.’

The designer enjoys breaking formalities and enters the design process from an artistic and experimental vantage point. ‘I take the Japanese attitude of honoring the clothing item as an art by itself, not always regarding or following the human body. I like a bit of drama or small twist,’ says Anat. This is apparent in Zafrir’s collection, as all the clothes are black, white or grey, but occasionally contain a pop of signature fluorescent yellow.


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שמלה כפ 300

A22 Studio, 4 Harakevet Street, Tel Aviv, 0525717702.

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